Monday, September 3, 2012

One of the most pleasant consequences of creating "Surrounded" has been opportunities to get to know some of the poets.  Through phone calls, emails and cards, I have been able to learn more about the book's contributors.  Several of the poets have offered creative marketing and promotion ideas; thanks!  And now from Vincent Tomeo, an oft-published New York poet, comes this review:

Critique of Surrounded:  Living With Islands

By Vincent J. Tomeo

Each poem tells an intriguing story that is left open for a sequel to another story, to another poem, concerning an unanswered conflict, searching for an answer.  You won’t be disappointed.  Living With Islands is a fine read.

I could explicate several poems to prove a point, but I choose to have the reader go on a vicarious trip somewhere between his/her heart and mind.  It will truly be an exploration of exotic places, real and in a fantasy.

I suggest the reader go island hopping in a world Surrounded: Living With Islands.  You will be surprised who you will meet and what you will encounter.

Thanks, Vincent.

If you are a fan of poetry, let a poet know s/he is appreciated.  Give a poetry book as a wedding or graduation gift.  Attend a reading at your favorite bookstore.  Write a poem for your mom or dad's birthday -- I did this for both my parents and they were thrilled (or else they both deserve Oscar nominations!).  Help to infuse the world with the energy good poems provide -- the results may amaze you.

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