Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Readers are the Reward

ScatchetPoet wins a prize!  My nonfiction essay "Shaped By Cedar" was recently awarded second prize in the competition from Jane's Stories Press Foundation.  Watch for their new anthology, "Bridges and Borders," in which the essay will be published.  Many thanks to JSPF.

More rewarding than winning prizes, however, is knowing that my writing will be available in published form for readers all over the world.  Writing can be such an isolated activity; staring at that electronic page/monitor/taskmaster, some days it is hard to envision that real human beings will be reading the words.

Speaking of readers:  Write Wing's new poetry anthology "Surrounded:  Living With Islands" should be ready to read by late April or early May.  All submitting poets have now received responses to their poems, and decisions are well underway as to format, layout, cover design, etc.  Watch for a gorgeous book to be released!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Surrounded" STATUS

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the poets who sent in their daring, beautiful, provocative, bizarre and/or experimental poems for inclusion in the anthology "Surrounded:  Living With Islands."  Final decisions are being made this month, and some poets have already been notified.  If you have not yet heard from me, please hang in there; the goal is to have all selections made and notifications completed no later than March 25.

A WORD ABOUT BIOS:  if you sent an author bio that exceeds 50 words -- and you know who you are -- you will be asked to revise it to fit within the 50-word limit.

I am humbled by the excellence of the poetry received.  Write Wing's book will be worth waiting for!