Well-Loved Poems in my Pockets

As a little kid, I was fond of picking up agates and pretty pebbles from beaches, carrying them around in my pockets. As an adult, I carry polished poems, easier to carry than all those heavy pebbles of long ago. Here is a list by no means complete, and in no particular sequence; hopefully I'll be adding to it for the rest of my reading life.

Why Should Not Old Men Be Mad -- Yeats
Contemplation on Rain and Religion -- Gundy
Semele Recycled -- Kizer
Human Error -- Wahl
The Way to Elizabeth White's -- Bentley
The Old Ones -- Eiseley
The Wind-Honed Islands Rise -- Tam, the whole book !!
Out Here Even Crows Commit Suicide -- McElroy
A Walk in Late Summer -- Roethke
Hurt Hawks -- Jeffers
A Garden Caught in Amber -- Brantingham